#52C ZZ W/Teflon 9mm

#52C ZZ W/Teflon 9mm

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Thanks to its non-stick coating, Zigzag foot with non-stick sole #52C glides effortlessy over "sticky" materials such as leather, plastic or vinyl.

• Can be used for various applications
• For all utility and decorative stitches
• Non-stick coating on the sole ensures it slides smoothly
• For plastic, vinyl, leather, etc.
• For 9 mm machines

B 570 QE/QEE, B 590, B 710, B 740, B 750 QE, B 770 QE/QEE, B 790, B 790 PLUS, B 780, B 830, B 880, B 880 PLUS

With non-stick sole