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Le Chateu

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From Nicki Franklin:

Haven is a series of embroidery designs with a focus on home and the places we go to feel safe, cozy and happy. This embroidery was inspired by the beautiful Chateau I taught at in 2019 with Erica from Wilderstitch.

The kit comes with pre printed antique linen (10"square), instructions and plenty of threads. The design is approx. 11cm x 9cm. You will need to have a simple sewing kit to include small, sharp, embroidery scissors, an assorted packet of embroidery/crewel needles and an embroidery hoop.

There is a little coloring/painting required with this kit, just to get the walls of the chateau and the roof in place.

Our blog has a little guide of how to paint on linen and we recommend you look at this if this is your first time using paint on linen.

I think it gives a lighter effect than heavy stitching with this kit, and offers a little perspective and texture to the final piece.

All of our kits have been completed by complete beginners but we do rate our kits on a scale of 1-3 to help you.

The ratings are:

1) Absolute beginner
2) Enthusiastic beginner
3) Accomplished beginner

This kit is rated - 2 - for Enthusiastic Beginners