No Rabbits Allowed Hand Embroidery Kit

No Rabbits Allowed Hand Embroidery Kit

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From Nicki Franklin:

No Rabbits Allowed! This kit is, obviously, inspired by Mr McGregor’s garden and as I stitched it I imagined what a feast Peter and his friends would have in there!

The kit is practically a stitch sampler, using bullion knots, cast on stitch, French knots, stem stitch roses and many others. A brilliant kit for beginners and advanced sewists alike. The price is £45 to account for the high number of threads compared to previous kits. There are 23 colors in this one.

Remember you will need your own hoop, scissors and needles to complete this kit.
All of our kits have been completed by complete beginners but we do rate our kits on a scale of 1-3 to help you.

The ratings are:
1) Absolute beginner
2) Enthusiastic beginner
3) Accomplished beginner

This kit is rated - 3 - for Accomplished Beginners